Pet Grooming at Home

Pet grooming is not just about making a dog or cat look good, it is also an important part of maintaining the health and welfare of your animal. Besides removing old and damaged hair, brushing distributes natural oils throughout the coat which keeps the skin healthy and prevents matts from forming. Additionally, checking for any foreign objects such as grass seeds or insects in the ears, eyes and paw pads can help you avoid discomfort or injury to your pet.

Taking on the task of grooming your own Pet grooming Miami at home can be an intimidating prospect for many owners, but it can be a great way to bond with your pet and get them used to being handled in this manner. Regular brushing (especially on long-haired breeds) can help keep the fur from getting matted, and it will also make it easier for your pet to accept being brushed at a professional grooming establishment. If you are comfortable clipping your pets nails, this can help to build a behavioral tolerance for the process, and if you are able to gently clean your pet’s ears, nose or eyes with a styptic powder or cornstarch, this can help you establish a good association to touch in these areas, which will be necessary for any professional cleaning that is needed.

Before you try to tackle any of these tasks at home, be sure that you have the proper tools, and make sure that you are properly trained and qualified to perform them. Grooming is a physical endeavor that requires strength and stamina, and it can be very challenging to work with an uncooperative or stressed out dog. Your pet can pick up on your own nervousness or agitation, which will only serve to make the process more difficult and stressful for both of you.

Start your pet grooming journey with puppy training, so that the animal is used to being handled in this manner at a young age. This will make it much easier for you to handle your dog later in life and it will help them to be more accepting of being brushed, clipped or touched by other people in the future.

Lastly, remember that even though you may be a skilled pet groomer, there are some areas that should be left to a professional, such as trimming or shaving, washing and cleaning the ears, and expressing anal glands. These are very delicate and specialized jobs that require the proper knowledge, equipment and skill to be performed correctly. Trying to do these jobs yourself can cause significant pain and discomfort for your pet, and it can even be dangerous for both of you if done incorrectly. Groomers are highly trained and equipped to deal with these situations, so if you feel uncomfortable attempting these tasks at home, be sure to contact your local groomer for assistance. They will be happy to teach you how to do these things properly and safely, so that your pet has a positive experience at the grooming establishment.