Pros and Cons of Moving to Beaverton, Oregon

Pros: Family-oriented, robust economy and great schools

Beaverton is a family-friendly suburb that offers a lot of things to love. Its surprisingly diverse population has led to a wide variety of international influences in food, entertainment and more. Beaverton is also connected to the city’s mass transit system, which makes it easy for people without cars to zip around. It also has top-notch health care and education, with excellent hospitals and schools across the region.

Its high livability score is also a big draw for families who are looking to raise kids in a safe and welcoming community. The area has a strong tech-boost and is home to companies like Nike and Intel, making it a great place to start a career or find a stable job. Many of the city’s parks are family-friendly, and there is plenty to do for active adults and kids alike.

Cons: Traffic is a problem in this bustling area, and the city’s sprawling layout can make it difficult to walk anywhere. The area’s public transportation is a godsend for those who don’t want to own and maintain a car, but the commute time can still be frustrating at times. It’s one of the 10 worst cities in the country for traffic, and it can take nearly half an hour to get to downtown Portland.

Beaverton’s livability rating is higher than the national average, and its high ranking among suburban communities shows how well it does in the areas of safety, education, affordability and happiness. The area’s excellent schools are a huge attraction for families with children, and there is plenty to do for active kids from sports programs to summer camps.

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