Potential Consequences of Trees Too Close to Your House

Planting trees around your home not only adds beauty and value but also helps the environment. But it is very important to know how close a tree should be planted to your house before you plant one.

Potential Consequences of Trees Too Close to Your House

Having trees too close to your home can have several negative impacts on your home and family. Some of these consequences are as follows:

Damage to Your Roof and Exterior Walls

The branches of the tree may cause damage Potential Consequences of Trees Too Close to Your House to your siding, roof and even your walls if they are allowed to rub against them. This can be very dangerous if the tree is located too close to your home and especially during windy or stormy weather.

Root System Problems

The roots of a tree can be invasive and can cause serious problems with your foundation and the surrounding area. These invasive roots can tear up concrete or wood that they come in contact with, as well as clog drainage pipes and other utilities.

This can cause major problems for you and your family, including damaged walls, cracked floors and ceilings and other structural damages. If you have a problem with this, it is best to hire a professional arborist to inspect the problematic area before deciding to remove the tree and repair any damaged areas.

In some cases, removing the tree can be the only option to protect your home from further damage. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your home safe from the problems that come with having trees too close to your house:

Pruning Your Tree

It is advisable to trim the limbs of your tree regularly, especially when the branches begin to grow taller and touch the roof of your home. This will help prevent a lot of problems such as roof leaks, falling debris, mold from the falling leaves and shingles, and other issues.

You can also ask your landscaper or a trained tree expert to inspect the area for problems and make suggestions. They will know which trees and shrubs are safer to have in the area, and they will advise you on how far from your home the branches should be.

A tree with a faulty root system should be pruned or removed from the area to protect your home and family. This will save you from having to pay for expensive repairs later on.

Soil Shifts and Subsidence

A lot of people tend to have trees near their homes because it looks beautiful and also provides a nice shade. But they forget that the trees are consuming a lot of water, and so it can cause the soil to fluctuate. This can lead to problems with your home’s foundation as the ground underneath your home resettles and shifts.

Having lots of trees and plants around your home can also make it susceptible to algae and moss growth that can deteriorate the appearance of your house’s exterior. These fungi and algae will be attracted to the moisture that your trees use, and will grow rapidly. They will also cause stains and other damage to your siding and shingles as they absorb the water.