IPQS Free Email Verifier API

The IPQS free email verifier is a real-time email validation API service that offers hundreds of syntax and DNS checks to verify the quality of any email address. This allows businesses to quickly assess the validity of email addresses for use in their marketing campaigns and thereby avoid sending messages to spam traps or invalid accounts.

The tool also provides reputation scoring for any address, which is a great way to identify emails that may be reported as honeypots or spam traps. These emails can significantly affect your sender score and inboxing rates, making it essential to stay away from them when conducting mass mailing campaigns.

It can also help prevent fraudulent transactions by identifying high risk users and suspicious payments with greater accuracy than any other provider. It uses real-time scoring and risk analysis to detect bots, automated payment submissions, abusive users and more.

Checking for Spam Traps & Unsubscribes

This tool can also be used to remove boucnes or fake accounts from your contact lists, helping you avoid sending messages to users that aren’t legitimate. This is a great way to improve deliverability & reduce your marketing costs by removing bogus email addresses from your list, which could cost you money in lost revenue as well as the time and effort it takes to recover from a blacklisting.

In addition, the tool can be used to check for any unbalanced delimiters within an ipqualityscore email validator tool, as well as suppressed or blocked emails if you have explicitly requested these services. Finally, it can be used to perform reverse email lookups for any address.

Email Age & Domain History

The API can be used to determine the email’s “First Seen” date, which helps you identify when an email account was first created. This can be important for detecting new domains that fraudsters use to host malicious or risky email addresses.

Premium Account Feature

The IPQS API can be used to check for a number of advanced features including the following:

Fraud Detection & Reputation

The premium feature includes IPQS’s patented IPQS Fraud Score, which provides a more comprehensive understanding of a user’s risk than any other tool on the market. The score is based on the recent behavior of that address across the IPQS threat network.

Another feature is the IPQS Reputation Score, which helps identify the user’s email domain and reputation. This can be extremely useful when sending bulk email campaigns or tracking a user’s activities.

It also includes detection for any complaints that have been filed with the email service provider against a given user or domain, making it incredibly difficult to spoof that address. This can be an especially valuable tool when performing newsletter marketing to avoid receiving any negative feedback or complaints from your recipients.

This is a must-have for any email campaign, as it ensures that your message will be delivered to the user’s inbox rather than landing in their SPAM folder or bouncing back due to being blacklisted.