Finding the Best Self Storage in Vancouver

Storage units can help people and businesses with limited space in Vancouver keep belongings safe and accessible. They offer a secure place to store less-frequently used items, extra furniture, sports equipment, seasonal clothing and more. With a variety of unit sizes, prices and amenities to choose from, residents and business owners in the area can find the perfect storage solution. Whether you’re in need of a small, inexpensive unit or you want to upgrade to a more spacious option with climate control and drive-up access, RentCafe’s Vancouver listings can help you find the best self storage.

Self storage facilities lease spaces to individuals and businesses on a short-term basis mostly month-to-month. They typically offer boxes, locks and packaging supplies for sale or rent them separately to help tenants safely pack and store their belongings. Many also provide trucks or allow renters to use their own vehicles for moving in and out of a storage space. Some offer 24-hour access and others offer keyless entry, so tenants can visit their storage space when it’s most convenient for them.

Vancouver has a total of 28 self storage in Vancouver facilities with various unit sizes, prices and amenities to choose from. The most common type of unit in the city is the standard 10’x10’. These units are large enough to hold boxes, books, clothes and other possessions and can be found at a range of price points. On average, a non-climate controlled unit will cost around $142 per month to rent.

Heated units are another popular option in the city. These spaces are heated to preserve delicate items and can be found at a few locations in the city. They are often more expensive than non-heated spaces but can help protect your belongings from the elements.

Student storage is an affordable option for local students who have to move between shared apartments or are studying abroad. A 5’ x 10’ unit is a good size for keeping clothes and other possessions, and they can be rented on a monthly basis.

In an urban setting like Vancouver, transportation options are becoming increasingly dependent on bicycles and public transit. This can leave parking spots at homes and offices empty, leading to the need for vehicle storage. Fortunately, there are 2 self storage facilities in the city that offer storage solutions for cars and motorcycles. This can be an ideal option for those with an extra car or a vehicle they only use on vacations and trips to the mountains.