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The FERRACINI, LUCIO GUILHERME & GOMES, C. M. P. and FEIJO, N. M. courses are psicodrama-based courses. They teach participants how to develop effective communication skills in a group setting. The courses are based on the theory that people with various types of communication problems can learn to relate to one another in a positive way.


Professors FERRACINI, L. G. & GOMES, C. M. P. have been working with groups in saude for several years. They are recognized authorities in psicodrama. These two authors have published numerous books, including several edited volumes. Their work is well-received by students and experts alike.

FERRACINI, L. G. & GOMES, C. M. P., authors of “The Psicodrama Course.” The text is written in Portuguese and is highly accessible. Students will gain an understanding of psicodrama’s application in a variety of settings, from interpersonal conflicts to workplace relationships to complex problems.


After graduating from Yale Law School, Attorney Romano managed a curso dra elizabeth zamerul solo practice in Hartford before moving to Philadelphia to join the prestigious Defender Association. He later served as an Assistant Attorney General and Public Defender for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and he also worked as a private practitioner in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. After serving as Attorney General, Romano returned to Connecticut to manage a firm in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

In addition to the family, Romano leaves behind three children – Phillip Rouquie, Cindy Rouquie, and Charles Veneziano – and many grandchildren. His children include Nicholas Rouquie and his wife, Erin. His grandchildren include Jeffrey Veneziano and his wife, Jaclyn. They are survived by a host of other relatives and friends, including his partner Sebby Poloszczak, Joshua Bouchard, and Julia Bouchard.


The role of the encounter with services in credit acquisition was studied by FEIJO, N. M. and SOUZA, A. S. They also studied the role of moda in adolescents’ lives. Both authors are widely acclaimed. SOUZA studied the role of moda in adolescents’ lives, while Feijoo studied the influence of acoes in the face of financial institutions.

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