Commercial-Painting Tips

Before starting a commercial painting project, consider the following tips: choose the right colors. Your employees will be more motivated if the environment is calm, and new clients are less likely to walk into a storefront that looks run down. Consider warm colors such as yellow or red to create an inviting environment. The right colors are also important for the psychology of employees and the workplace. Bright colors can motivate employees while calm colors can create a relaxing environment.


The challenges of commercial painting often go hand in hand. Many commercial painters neglect the very thing that got them into this business in the first place – their reputation. It is vital to retain current customers and business partners and build on your strengths. Keeping your image is important as one bad job can ruin your reputation and impact future business. Therefore, you must always strive to be the best. Reputation is everything in this industry. Customers and clients spread the word when you do a good job.


The cost of commercial painting depends on a variety clicking here of factors. Professional painters typically charge between $.33 and $.66 per square foot. Additional costs can be incurred when there are ceilings or trims to be painted. Before hiring a painting contractor, make sure you understand how much paint you will need for your space. Professional painters charge on a per-square-foot basis, so they may charge slightly more or less depending on the amount of work involved.

Project management

A good commercial painting project manager has certain traits that make them effective. He or she can be found outside the business, but you should also look within to identify the most appropriate person. While the current staff may be unwilling to leave the field, they may not have the ideal personality profile to manage a commercial painting project. Some professional contracting companies have incorporated a DISC profile assessment into their hiring process to ensure that they are matched with the ideal person.

Oil-based paint

Oil-based paint is often preferred for commercial painting jobs. These types of paints contain petroleum distillates and other organic solvents, called alkyds. They adhere well to most surfaces, but over time can oxidize and become brittle, resulting in cracks. Oil-based paints are more difficult to clean up and have a distinctive smell. They also require a different type of paintbrush, preferably one with natural bristles.


When it comes to commercial painting projects, scheduling can be a tricky process. It’s essential to avoid causing unnecessary disruption to daily operations while completing the work in a timely manner. Fortunately, scheduling software makes this task much easier, and with a few key steps, you can achieve the best possible results. Read on for some tips for coordinating the painting projects of your business. Below, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to effective commercial painting project scheduling.