The French Program at Chapman University

French is one of the world’s most spoken languages, and with an estimated 700 million speakers by 2050, there are plenty of opportunities for students to improve their knowledge of this language. Studying French not only enhances your language skills, but also provides a unique and enriching experience that can lead to a career in the international business sector, a creative profession or a research-based field.

Learn French Online

There are many options for learning French online, and each one is designed with your specific needs in mind. Whether you want to focus on your grammar, your pronunciation or your culture, there is something for everyone.

Among the top picks is Rocket French, which offers both audio lessons and culture lessons. In addition, the program also features an in-depth review feature that helps you hone your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary as well as your oral comprehension. The software takes advantage of microlearning, which is the practice of bringing back information in short bursts to help you retain it longer.

Learn French at Chapman

The French Program at click here Chapman has a long history of excellence and great instructors who enhance the learning atmosphere. This is particularly true for the majors in French, which are designed to be challenging and engaging while allowing you to choose your own path within the degree itself.

You can also choose to take a variety of language courses from beginner to advanced levels. These are taught by native-speaking teachers and can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Courses at the introductory and intermediate level teach speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as a basic understanding of cultural aspects of the language. These include the use of French as a means to communicate in French-speaking countries, the French culture, and the French language as a lingua franca, which is an important factor in communication throughout the French-speaking world.

Those interested in the French language and francophone culture can also choose to study the history of France. This is a fascinating subject that combines the history of French society and the evolution of the modern world, especially in the post-revolutionary period.

There are many different courses in the curriculum that cover a wide range of topics, including Paris, linguistics and cultural studies, the francophone African world and global literature and culture. These can be taken at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level and are offered each semester.

In the upper division, students can choose to take a combination of language and culture courses or specialize in a particular area, for example in French film or Haitian literature. There are also honors courses that give students the opportunity to pursue undergraduate research under the mentorship of a faculty member.

During your time in the French program, you’ll also have the option of studying abroad or taking a French minor. You can also find an option to take a French immersion class in which you’ll spend a week living and speaking French with a local host family.