Looking For Painters in New Orleans?

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James Michalopoulos

One of the most impressive aspects of James Michalopoulos’ work is his use of vibrant color. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of pigment and experimenting with its dimension. The results are works of art that are both visually stimulating and evocative. He is a great addition to the vibrant art scene of New Orleans.

Michalopoulos, a self-taught painters new orleans artist, grew up in Pennsylvania but soon moved to New Orleans to pursue his passion for painting. His work is a colorful reflection of the city’s joie de vivre. He began his career as a street artist in Jackson Square where he would sketch passersby for $2-3. He soon moved into painting, and soon exhibited his work in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Layla Messkoub

Layla Messkoub is a New Orleans-based artist whose work combines mixed-media elements with traditional printmaking methods to create lush, vibrant pieces. Inspired by her travels and her hometown, Messkoub’s works capture the vibrancy of the world around her. Her mixed-media works incorporate a variety of techniques, including hand-printed paper, drawings, and experiments with embroidery.

Her paintings are often inspired by natural elements and her own garden. Her work focuses on the rolling waves of water. Her signature style is ethereal and is ideal for the city of New Orleans.

Brandan “bmike” Odums

Brandan “Bmike” Odums is a visual artist and activist from New Orleans. He began working with graffiti in 2012 and has since made it his primary medium. His most recent project is called the Be Trilogy, which consists of ProjectBe, Exhibit Be, and Studio Be. Each of these projects was created in response to a particular social or political issue. He has also used his art to create an active dialogue about the intersection of art and resistance.

Odums’ work is figurative and combines bold color schemes with historical figures. For example, the suffragist Harriet Tubman is painted in robin’s egg blue. The work hints at a sense of boldness that transcends physicality, time, and race.

Errol Barron

Errol Barron’s art is intimate and impressionistic. It reads like a visual journal of the places he has visited. He has exhibited his paintings and drawings in many solo and group shows. His work has won several awards and is in many private collections. Here are some of his works:

Errol Barron is a natural born artist who lives and works in New Orleans. He has exhibited his work in galleries and universities since 1984. In 1996, he won the Gabriel Prize from the Western European Architecture Foundation to further his studies in Paris. He also teaches architecture at Tulane University. He is also an accomplished flautist and paints mostly landscapes.

Edna “Eddie” Lanieri

Born in 1977 in Long Island, NY, Eddie Lanieri has been a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana for the past seven years. Her artistic practice is based in photography and black-and-white alternative process. She is interested in exploring themes of identity, culture, and ritualized expression.

Lanieri’s work is held in numerous public and private collections. She has also received funding from the Louisiana State Division of the Arts and Mellon Foundation.