Inexpensive Land in Alaska: Unveiling Opportunities in the Last Frontier

For decades Alaska was commonly viewed as an untouched wilderness far and remote but booming industries like oil & gas, commercial fishing and tourism have led to increased real estate development and population growth in Anchorage, the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Fairbanks and other major centers. But outside these urban areas large tracts of land remain relatively untouched with low per acre prices and few road systems. This combination of dispersed population centers among vast stretches of undeveloped land makes for unique real estate dynamics with a variety of cheap land opportunities still available to the right buyers.

Inexpensive land in Alaska ranges from dense wooded forests to extreme tundra and is a mix of private and state ownership with local municipalities and boroughs setting zoning rules while the state offers up raw, unreserved property via sealed-bid auctions or through the Remote Recreational Cabin Site Staking Program stake-it-yourself homesteading. In some areas, out-of-state buyers face no additional restrictions compared to residents when purchasing state lands.

Land for sale in Alaska ranges from the city to the country and includes lots for building houses, farmland for growing crops and more. The most affordable properties are found in the south and west of the state, with the cheapest land for sale in Alaska being in the state’s sparsely populated interior and in the remote regions of the Arctic North Slope where polar bears, seals and migratory waterfowl thrive.

The state’s unique geography, harsh winters and soaring summer temperatures can make finding cheap land in Alaska a challenge. But the potential for lucrative hunting and fishing, a variety of other outdoor activities and a low cost of living mean that even with the high costs of transportation to get there, these rural lands are worth considering.

Inexpensive Land In Alaska

Per acre prices for land in Alaska may be cheap compared to the rest of the nation but other costs can quickly erase any upfront savings. Property taxes, infrastructure, shipping construction materials and basic heating/power bills operate on a much more expensive scale in The Last Frontier so be sure to budget accordingly. These higher expenses can also impact financing qualification and require careful consideration when shopping for cheap land in Alaska.

In addition to these factors, geological conditions including complex permafrost and a history of earthquakes/volcanoes, recent glacial rebound skewing survey markers, the possibility of oil/mineral deposits underground and the type of land woods vs marsh vs barren tundra can all sway prices for better or worse. For these reasons, it’s always best to work with a qualified, knowledgeable broker when searching for land in Alaska.

Bart Cox, co-founder of Land Boss, is a national expert on buying and Inexpensive land in Alaska and has over half a decade of experience in the Alaska region. His in-depth knowledge of this rugged land market helps first-time buyers find the right property at the best price. Learn more about acquiring affordable land in Alaska and start exploring your options with our free search tool!